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Company Philosophy

Our Goals, Values, and Principles


Our goal is to make our customers grow by satisfying their needs with the best products and excellent services. We maintain our financial health through customer satisfaction and these efforts will help us achieve growth and happiness.


1. Professionalism

∨ To achieve our business goals, we persistently put in our best efforts to improve our capabilities.
∨ We are, or will be, the best in our field and focus our best abilities to achieve our goals.
∨ We are aware that there are always areas for improvement and will try our best efforts to improve.

2. Ownership

∨We take full accountability for our works that relate to our goals. We also take initiative in improving our system, process, and teamwork among collegues.
∨ We will all act as owners of the company, treat all assets preciously and prioritize company's short-term and long-term success.

3. Trust

∨ We respect our collegues and customers and behave in a manner that exceeds what we expect from them. 
∨ We have real confidence on our collegues' capabilities and will provide honest feedback for improvement.
∨ We always follow our society's ethical value and principles and will not violate any law or regulations.

4. Proactiveness

∨ We always try to find solutions in a creative and effective manner even when faced with the most difficurt problems.
∨ We make decisions and execute based on objective datas.
∨ We actively monitor new regulations and systems and never fail to abide by them.
∨ We always comply with our own principles, and take corrective actions if we find any violations by anyone in the company.


1. Our businesses should always have goals and values.

2. We put in our best efforts in new product development and systems improvement.

3. We always maintain financial health.

4. We pursue to be the best.

5. We put teamwork ahead of the individual.

6. Our collective goals should be consistent with each individual's goals.

7. We always conduct business at an honorable fashion.